SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering

This qualification reflects the role of barbers who use a range of well-developed sales, consultation and technical skills and knowledge to provide a broad range of barbering services to clients. They use discretion and judgement to provide client services and take responsibility for the outcomes of their work. This qualification provides a pathway to work as a barber in any industry environment, usually a barber shop or salon.

SHB30416 Certificate III in Hairdressing

When you complete the Certificate III in Hairdressing you will be set for a creative career that will make you a cut above the rest as a hairdresser. This qualification will provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to complete your apprenticeship course to work as a qualified hairdresser. You will use a range of welldeveloped skills such as the following to provide a service to clients and take responsibility of the outcomes of your work:

  • Shampoo and basin services
  • Colour and lighten hair
  • Cut hair using scissors and clippers
  • Style and finish hair
  • Highlighting
  • Straighten, relax and volumise hair with chemicaltreatments
  • Safe hygiene and work practices


Gain the skills to launch your career in the hairdressing industry as a salon assistant with SHB20216 Certificate II in Salon Assistant. This qualification is designed to give students practical and relevant skills and build a foundation to pursue further education and prepare them for career opportunities in the hairdressing industry. You will develop a range of basic practical skills and valuable industry knowledge that is used in hairdressing salons by individuals who aid with client services. You will learn a core set of skills including:

• Client consultation
• Communicate and prepare clients for services
• Conduct financial transactions
• Health and safety in the salon environment
• Application and removal of basic colour services
• Provide shampoo and basin services
• Blow-drying techniques
• Braiding hair
• Customer service and retail operations

The skills and knowledge are of an introductory level and are all undertaken under supervision in a classroom and simulated salon environment.

Certificate II in Salon Assistant is a preparatory qualification that allows
students to enter the industry at an assistant level and progress to a
hairdressing apprenticeship in this exciting and creative industry. The
combined skills and knowledge do not provide for a job outcome as
a hairdresser and this qualification is intended to prepare students for
further training.

SIR40316 Certificate IV in Retail Management

This is the ultimate management qualification specifically designed to meet the needs of the retail industry. Providing a pathway to work in a diverse range of retail settings including hairdressing salons, beauty salons, speciality retailers, supermarkets, department stores and quick service restaurants.

This qualification gives you the knowledge and ability to manage a salon or own and operate your own salon.

Functions in this qualification involve a broad range of business building ideas and experiences including human resources, recruiting staff, business planning, sustainability, financial management, marketing and promotion as well as strong leadership skills.

Students are supplied all products, equipment and resources included in the course cost unless detailed further.

Accreditation: Nationally recognised qualification Certificate IV level